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UVA Package Deliveries

University Village Residents, as the semester continues, we want to continue helping improve the security of your packages. In order to assist with a secure delivery [if you are not home],  you may send your package(s)  to the Village Office instead of your apartments —until January 31, 2025

Here is the format for addressing your packages to our office (please be sure to include your correct building and apartment number for quicker processing):

  1. Resident’s Full Name + Building Number and Apartment Number 

  2. Office Address: University Village Office 1125 Jackson Street Albany, CA 94706


John Smith, 111-222 

1125 Jackson Street 

Albany, CA 94706

By following this format, you can help us efficiently and quickly process your package(s).  Additionally, please ensure all occupants are on record with the Cal Housing Office, to avoid the package being returned because we do not recognize the name.

Once your package arrives at our office, we will process it and email you. You will be able to pick your package(s) during our regular office hours