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Gymnastics Plus Policies

Gymnastics program on hiatus


Comfortable clothing may be worn with bare feet. No special gym suits are required. We ask that participants refrain from wearing jewelry that may interfere with movement.


All participants will be expected to conduct themselves respectfully of others and themselves. In situations where inappropriate behavior arises, the parent may be asked to remove the child from the classroom temporarily.

Bathroom breaks

Please be sure to allow plenty of time for your child to use the restroom before the start of class, especially for 3 & 4 year olds or children in the process of potty training.


No child may participate without being currently enrolled in our program. Payment is due upon enrollment. Major credit cards are accepted. NO CASH PLEASE. NOTE: Those coming to our program for the first time may take a free trial class by appointment only. All participants must fill out a registration form prior to taking class.

Parental conduct

Children must be kept off the equipment before and after class. Sibling or non-enrolled guests must also remain off the equipment before, during and after class.
Please do not interrupt the instructor while class is in session. Latecomers may quietly join class.

Discreet observation is encouraged from the Parent Observation Area, however, some children may have difficulty concentrating while being watched. The instructor will let you know if there is a problem.

Make-up classes

Three make-ups will be allowed per session. Your child must be enrolled in the session the make-up classes are being attended. If you are unable to attend the make-up class scheduled, it will still count as an attended make-up unless you cancel 24 hrs in advance. You must make arrangement for the make-up classes at least 24 hours in advance with the instructor or by calling Matt Schwey at 510-526-7637 (Saturdays require 48 hours). Please state your child’s name, the day & time you wish to attend, your child’s regular class day & time and your telephone number.

Food & drink

No food or drink may be consumed inside the gymnasium.


Please do not bring your child to class during the active phase of illness (loose cough, fever, thick mucus, rash, head lice, etc.).


A $25.00 service charge will be levied on all refunds. Refunds will only be issued for participants withdrawing 14 days prior to the beginning of any session. No refunds will be issued after that time.


Please call 510- 524-4926 and leave a message. Alternatively, email the recreation program at