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Study Centers

The centers offer both undergraduate or graduate UC Berkeley students and adults a dedicated area that is quiet. Simply use your own apartment key to enter.

These spaces are open 24/7 for use unless maintenance and custodial work is required in the space. Wireless internet and study tables and chairs are available for use.

*Please note: These centers are quiet spaces. To maintain this resource for concentration and study, no one under 18 is allowed.


  1. Only current residents of the Village are allowed to use these centers and priority are given to UC Berkeley students.
  2. No food, drink, or talking on cell phones.
  3. Viewing of inappropriate materials is not permitted.
  4. No one under age 18 is permitted to use the center.

Center Information

If you have any questions or comments regarding center policies and/or resources, please contact: The Village Office 510.526.8505

For technical support or help with computer or network problems, please contact Student Technology Services at 510.642.4357. You can also email to request technical assistance.

Study Center

The Study Centers are located:

  • 123-456
  • 136-787
  • 160-105

The Student Technology Equity Program (STEP) provides need-based loans of technology hardware to graduate, professional and undergraduate students at UC Berkeley.