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Moving In

Moving Containers and Trucks | On Your Official Move-In Day | Mail | Getting Connected

Moving Containers and Trucks

  • The Village has limited parking spaces and narrow streets that have to be cleared for AC Transit buses and other through traffic. During unloading and loading of your furniture or moving containers, you are responsible for not blocking the traffic. Please try to use your reserved space (approx. 7.5’ x 16’), ask your neighbors about using their spaces, or use the Guest spaces. Please do not drive cars, trucks, or trailers on the lawn or sidewalks as you may break underground water lines and be charged for the damage.

On Your Official Move-In Day

After you have completed all requirements of your rental agreement with the Cal Housing office, you will come to the Village Office in Albany on the day of your scheduled move-in to receive your keys, parking assignment, provide your contact information, and receive and review other important village information. You may pick up keys later but you will be charged rent per your contract. If you have pre-arranged for an after-hours move-in, you will contact your Community Advisor at 510.224.8298.

NOTE to tenants moving into buildings 100-117: Due to the structure of townhouses in these buildings, the stairwell cannot accommodate queen-size box springs. Tenants are advised to use a split or adjustable bed frame for queen size beds.

Contact Information & Apartment Access Sheet

Fill out the Contact Information Sheet with your email address, and emergency contact information. The access list can be left blank and added to as you have people come visit who may need to be let in if locked out. You may request others, like family or babysitters to have access. If you no longer want someone to have access to your apartment, please notify the Village Office. This list allows people to enter your apartment with a loaner key, so be sure to keep it updated!

Apartment Condition Form

Fill out the University Village Apartment Condition Form (to document the condition in which you found the apartment at move-in) and return it to the Village Office within 5 days of moving in.

Update in Cal Central

Update your student University address by changing your address online at Cal Central

Keys, Extra Keys & Lost Keys

You are provided with two keys (or two sets of keys if you have a keyed backdoor).

  • Duplication of University of California keys is prohibited
  • Any additional keys must be ordered through the Village Office by filling out a maintenance request. The cost is a one-time fee for each key and will be charged to your CARS account or rent.
  • For security reasons, if you lose a key outside your apartment, please inform the village office and we will have your locks changed and issue new keys. A fee will be charged to your CARS account or rent. (Please note that this fee also applies if all keys issued to you or purchased by you are not returned when you vacate your apartment on your move-out day.)

Your Parking Space Assignment

Your parking space assignment will be provided at the time of move-in. Each apartment is assigned to one reserved parking space. See Vehicles and Parking for further information and policies.

  • Provide the office with your contact and vehicle license plate number, which will be used during time of emergencies when we may need you to move your vehicle. (Always have your current contact information on file with the office.)
  • While moving, please do not drive cars, trucks, or trailers on the lawn or sidewalks. Underground water lines could be broken and you will be charged for any damages.


Building and Apartment Number

The office needs to know your building and apartment number in order to conduct daily business (e.g., keys, maintenance, and other requests made for your apartment). This information, along with your laundry room number and mailbox location number is included on the Village Move In Packet information sheet provided to you at move-in. 

Mailing Address

The United States Post Office (USPS) uses the street address and apartment number for mail (e.g., 735 Ohlone Ave., apt 408). Please do not add building number to mailing address.

Mail Box Locations

Mailboxes are found in central locations for each building. Your apartment front door key will open both the mailbox and the laundry rooms, as well as the two village study rooms.

  • East Village mailboxes are located on the outside wall of your laundry room. (The box next to your front door is for newspapers, fliers, etc.)
  • West Village mailboxes are located under the staircase of the building.
  • Make sure your mail is sent to your own mailing address—the Village Office is unable to accept any mail or packages for residents.
  • If you receive someone else’s mail, please write “Return to Sender” on the envelope, cross off the bar codes and drop it in the blue U.S. Postal Service mailbox (there is one in front of the village office).

Change of Address with the US Post Office

  • Fill out a USPS Change-of-Address card at least two weeks before you move out so that the new tenants will not receive your mail (you will no longer have access to your mailbox once you move out). You may change your address online by going to the USPS website.

Getting Connected – Internet, Telephone and Internet Protocol TV

The apartments are wired with live direct data cabling and ports. You may not move this port, open the port plate, add extensions, or nail/staple corded extensions to the wall. If modifications are left behind after move-out, you will be charged for removal. 


For assistance with activating your connection visit Berkeley Student Technology Services. You may call Student Technology Services at 510.642.HELP (4357).

Telephone Service

AT&T is the only service provider who is allowed to install your telephone service at University Village. Call 800.310.2355 or visit AT&T for installation.

Telephone Wiring: Pursuant to Civil Code Section 1941.4:

  • The University is responsible for installing one usable telephone jack and for placing and maintaining the inside telephone wiring in good working order in residential dwellings.
  • The tenant remains responsible for the telephone and wiring between the telephone and the telephone jack.
  • If there is a problem with the telephone service, the tenant must notify AT&T at 800.303.0103 as well as the Village Office. AT&T will determine the cause of the problem. If the repair is determined to be the responsibility of the University, the resident will be reimbursed for repair charges to their CARS account upon presentation of the actual bill.
  • If the tenant does not report such problems to the University (Village) and incurs a cost arranging a repair, the University shall not be liable for reimbursement to the tenant.

Internet Protocol TV Streaming

UC Berkeley has partnered with Comcast and IPTV and provides online streaming to thousand on On Demand shows, movies and live TV using your CalNet credentials. 

Getting started is easy:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter University of California, Berkeley in the search field
  3. Log in using your CalNet credentials
  4. Once authenticated, start watching