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Allena Cayce

CA 3

Neighborhood: Buildings 124-134 

Hello, everyone. My name is Allena pronounced “uh-lee-na.” I am from Los Angeles County and Detroit. I received my Associates degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, then transferred to UC Berkeley to receive my Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with an emphasis on Socio-Cultural studies. I am currently working towards applying my skills in human analysis towards the non profit sector as well as business development in Entrepreneurship. I also love creating art, dancing, and adventurous hikes. I’ve been living here in the village for 3 years, and I love our community. I am passionate about helping people through obstacles, and ready to lend a helping hand. I revel in celebrating differences, cultures, and unity. I am a wife, a mother, an Afro Latina, a friend, and your neighbor. A pleasure to be on the team and meet you all. Thank you.